Roof repair is inevitable for people who own home. You might get lucky and not need your first roof repair for years and years, but one day the luck will run out and the need for roof work will become a reality. The roof of our homes is the exterior part of the building that takes the most abuse over time. The wind, rain and any falling elements are all issues the roof has to deal with day in and day out, not to mention the effects of heat and cold on the roof. When the day finally comes when you find yourself in need of some patching up done on your roof, do not hesitate to call a roofing company and get the work done right away. A roofing problem is one that is only going to get worse is felt untreated and there are plenty of reasons to get the roofing repair done sooner than later.

Water damage that can not only destroy large areas of your roof but also affect other aspects of your homes structure can occur when a roof is not in the best shape. If you have ever seen an area where there a lot of abandoned homes, you might have noticed that the homes often seem to be in decent shape but that many of them have holes or damaged areas in the roof. The reason why the first problem that can be readily seen in a home that is not being taken care of is in the roof is because that is where the problems begin. It may be due to a fallen limb or the constantly changing weather, whatever the reason may be, once a home’s roof is not completely intact, the rest of the house starts to go. Those abandoned homes might seem like they are not too bad when seen from the outside but if you were to enter one of them you would find that there has been a massive amount of damage done to other structures in the house because of water that has entered through the fatly roof top. If your home has any sort of problem in it, call a roof repair crew to come out and fix it as soon as possible because the rest of your house may be in jeopardy.

Another reasons why you should never wait to call roofers in to fix your roofing issue is the fact that your home will start to cost a lot of money to heat and cool. The does more than just protect our families from the rain and other elements, the roof is also the most important factor when it comes to heating and cooling. Homes that are made with poorly constructed roofs make themselves know quickly because they cannot hold heat in your home when you have the heating system going or keep the cold air in your home when you are running the AC. The same problem will start to occur if the roof is in need of a repair. Before you toss loads of money down the drain on your electric bills, better call ad have that roof looked at soon.


Five of the most common types of roofing.

http://www.academyroofinginc.com/Before you install a new roof on your home, it is important to understand the different types of roofing.  For example, if you live in an area that is extremely hot, a certain type of roofing will be best.  Or, if your area gets a lot of sever storms, choosing a type of roofing that can hold up to hail damage is crucial.  It is also important to understand which types of roofing will have to be replaced every several years, and which won’t.  In order to make that process easier for you, here are five of the most common types of roofing.

The first type is fabricated metal roofs.  This type of roofing can be made out of aluminum, coated steel, or copper.  The panels are shaped and cut, and then installed to create a custom slope or a small slope.  Fabricated metal roofs are a great option because they are incredibly durable, they are fire retardant, and they require very little maintenance.  Overall, they are a type of roof that can withstand strong storms and they will not need to be replaced very often.

Synthetic roofing is a type of roofing that is made out of natural resources and is designed to emulate naturally occurring products such as clay tiles, slate, or wood shakes.  They are highly durable and they are also better for the environment as a whole.  They are incredibly weather resistant, and they can last twice as long as conventional roofs.

Solar roofs are another type of roofing that are becoming more common.  They are made out of materials that conduct the sun’s rays and turn it into electricity for homes.  Most commonly they are referred to as PV, photo voltaic.  They are simple to install, they are environmentally friendly, and they are incredibly cost effective.  People with solar panels see lower utility bills.  After several years, the solar panels pay for themselves and then some.

A fourth common type of roofing is EPDM roofing.  This type of roofing is made from a rubber material.  The main benefit of getting this type of roofing is that it is inexpensive and generally will last on a home for 12-25 years, depending on the wear-and-tear your roof sees.

The final common type of roofing is TPO roofing.  They are also made from a rubber substance, and they are heat reflective and energy efficient.  They are great at deflecting radiation from the sun.

If you are considering roof replacement, you should first understand the type of environment you live in and what kind of roofing would be best fitted to that area.  If you live in an area that has a lot of strong storms, you might want to consider a fabricated metal roof because it will be able to take the damage from hail easily.  Or, if you are more environmentally conscious, solar panels may be the way to go.  One of the roofers that can help you make the right decision is Academy Roofing.  They have a strong understanding of the different roof types and can help you find the one that is right for your home.

Don’t forget these four these after your roofing project is complete!

So many times when folks come to the end of a roofing project, they imagine all is well and that they won’t have to do anything after the project is complete. While this is somewhat accurate in that there are no physical tasks that must be completed on the roof itself, there are definitely other things to keep in mind once your roofing project is finished. Any roofing company worth its salt will do its best to clean up all fallen debris and bits from the project, but everyone missing things from time to time. Making sure that your project is cleaned up properly and that all is in order before you begin living life in the same way you had before is critical to lasting satisfaction in your roofing project. There is no need to over think this part of the project, just be aware of common sense items. These items will help you keep your family safe as you set your home up again after a roofing project:

1. Do a walk through of your yard and driveway: It is best it you complete this before your roofing team has even left the premises, that way if there is a stray tool you can easily http://www.jkroofing.comreturn it to them before the day is up. By doing a walk through, you will be able to note what is in order and what is not and clean up appropriate before you allow children or pets to roam free in the yard. One thing in particular to watch out for is nails. These easily fall from a roof during construction, despite your construction team’s best efforts. Be sure to sweep your driveway before allowing pets and children to walk on it, and inspect the yard as best you can. Exercise caution, and do not walk barefoot in your yard for a few weeks so that any fallen nails have a chance to settle into the earth.

2. Go through your covered rooms with caution: Again, these areas may have experienced falling debris, so be careful when removing tarps and the like so that you keep your things clean and do not end up with a nail in the sole of your shoe! The best piece of advice to adhere to is to exercise caution following a roofing project. While your roofing team will do their best, especially if you work with a trustworthy roofer like J & K Roofing in Denver, but not everything can be caught.

3. Make sure all gates are closed before you let your pets loose. Your roofer won’t know your personal protocols for gates and fences, so make sure that everything in order before pets are sent outside.

4. Check you furnace and hot water vents in order to make sure they are still attached to the unit. When new vents are installed they sometimes come loose, so a simple check through and tightening will solve that issue.

5. Leave up the roofing permits on the exterior of your home until your City or County does the final inspection. If you are working on a residential project, this may not apply.

Keep Your Roof Repaired and It will Protect the Rest of Your Home

When you need a roof repair you need to act on it immediately. Leaving it unattended will cause more damage in the long run and cost more to repair. It is always wise to get things taken care of such as a roof repair as soon as you suspect a problem. If you have had heavy rains and wind or hail, you may want to have your roof checked to make sure that no damage has been done. Roof repairs are a lot cheaper that repairing the damage that will surely happen if the repairs are put on the back burner. Anyone that thinks they can just wait to take care of it, will eventually be sorry that they waited. Roof repairs need to be taken care of as soon as they happen. And having it checked is a smart thing to do in order to take care of any damage that may have happened.Residential Roofers Most insurance companies will pay for damage that has been caused by bad weather. Hail can especially cause a lot of damage and your roof should be checked for damage after a storm such as this. If you wait too long your insurance company may not pay for it. You need to act as quickly as possible.

Let Campbell Beard Roof Company be your first choice for all your roofing needs. They have been in the business for almost 20 years and have an impeccable reputation. They have a motto which is “Trust, Integrity, Quality, and Peace of Mind.” This mottos says it all. They can be trusted to do quality work and you can have peace of mind knowing that they are the ones doing the work. If you live in the Denver area, let them be your roofers of choice. They have very competitive prices as well as quality products. They also do quality work and take great pride to make sure that you are pleased with their work and that there are absolutely no flaws. They do residential roofing as well as commercial roofing. If you are a contractor with a large job to do, you can trust Campbell Beard Roofing to take care of all the roofing needs for you. They will do it fast but with perfection. Once you try them, you will always come back to use them over and over. They are that good!

If you are a homeowner, you can think of your roof as the frosting on the cake. Once the frosting is gone, the cake is exposed and vulnerable. Your roof is the protector of your home. Your home is only as secure and sound as your roof is. You need your roof to be sound and intact so as to protect the rest of the house. Always make sure that your roof is in good condition. It can’t protect your home if you don’t keep it in good repair. When you go to sell your home, your inspector will make sure it has been cared for. Make sure that it always stays in good condition.


Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

Solutions to roofing problems are a lot like other things. Friends, family or even roofers may give you a number of different solutions to your problems. In the end, regardless of the advice, it all boils down to two basic choices: repair or replace. Let’s say your laptop starts experiencing problems. You can always decide to take it to a service center and have it repaired or if you believe that you don’t want to experience the same problems then maybe it would be better to buy a new one instead. The same is true when it comes to your house. When it starts showing problems, do you have to do roof repair or just go all out and renovate everything?


roofing repair

The first thing you need to do is determine the overall condition of your roof and ask the necessary questions. How old is the roof anyway? Has it been there since you moved in? These questions are important as it could give you an idea that the roof could be nearing the end of what is called its life expectancy. You also need to ask questions like, “how much damage has it experienced?” Have tree branches been falling on it constantly? Has it gone through a lot of large weather disturbances like typhoons or snowstorms? If this is the case then maybe even excellent roof repair or even proper maintenance is not enough and a better option would be to have it replaced instead.

The next thing to consider is to know what exactly the problem is. If the issue is just a few leaks then a little patching up may be all that is required. It would be indeed be ill-advised to replace everything when the problem is simply a torn flashing or a broken shingle. In this case, repairing would indeed be a wise decision.

Since we’ve already mentioned shingles, then it is important that you look into their condition. If you live in area that is particularly dry or even hot then look for signs of cracked shingles. It is possible that while the shingles may be showing the signs of the problem, the underside is in fact decaying and replacing it may worsen the problem as it may not be able to hold the weight of the new materials. In this particular situation it is always good to second guess yourself and have professional roofers take a look at it. There are many such companies available like the Roofcorp of Metro Denver Inc. who can take a look at your roof and determine if a roof repair is preferable than total replacement.

It goes without saying that the main factor in your decision would be the amount that you would spend. Let’s take the case of your roof being old. In that scenario, a repair will be less expensive compared to a replacement. However since the roof is old, it may have to undergo repairs constantly and would result in you spending more. If on the other hand the problem can be fixed then spending for a replacement may be too much as well.

The most important thing to remember though is that whatever decision you make regarding you roofing problems, you have to stick with it and not change halfway otherwise you will problem have more trouble than what you initially started with.


Be smart, and pick a local roofing company.

As with any industry, the roofing industry has its share of quacks and traveling roofers who just want to get rich off of your home. This is something that many different industries struggle to overcome, but it seems particularly prevalent in the roofing industry due to the nature of the repairs. Traveling roofers are the kind of roofers that  http://www.roofingexperts.com/you do not want to have to deal with. They follow storms and come to your home ready to repair your hail damage and may even do it within the constraints of your insurance company’s payments, but because they are not a local company, they are bound to do something wrong. Perhaps they do not even have poor intentions at heart. Regardless of the motivation of a traveling roofer, working with a roofing company or a single roofer that travels to make repairs as storms crop up means that you will end up with a roofer that just does not know your region and therefore cannot be as reliable and capable as a local roofing company. When you decide the time is right to make roof repair a reality, you just have to choose a local roofing company. If you live in the Denver metro area or out on the front range, working with Roof Corp is your answer to your roofing questions. They are a local Denver based company and they have been working on roofs in the area for the last seventeen years; it is clear that they really know their Denver roofs! Here are a few reasons why it is particularly important to “go local” when it comes to roofing issues:

1. Going local is always the best choice because supporting local business means putting money and support back into your community. Supporting local communities is always the best choice because it means that you will have all the support systems in place that you need to ensure your community stays strong.

2. Working with a local company means that you can pull from a regional knowledge base rather than a broader and less specific national or even international one. Every area and every region has different roofing needs and for a person or a company to presume to know everything about the roofing needs in your area even if they do not live in the area is simply bogus. Instead, you need to work with a company that really understands the needs of your local community and the things that will set you up for success there rather than a broader knowledge base that does not truly serve you or your community.

3. Working with a traveling roof repair team usually means getting taken advantage of. These teams are generally just looking for a way to make some money off of your misfortune. Instead of trusting them with something as important as a roof repair job, you should stick with the safe and smart option and go with a local company like Roof Corp. When you go local like this, you know that you will be getting the very best kind of service you can!

Arched roofs are in this year!

If you are in the midst of replacing an old roof or repairing one that has been damaged by a storm, you probably are not thinking of all the great new trends that are popping up in roof design. You are probably getting bogged down in those pesky details of having to repair the roof of your home! While that is http://www.roofingexperts.com/certainly not the most positive experience you could have, there are other ways to brighten up your roof replacement experience. Working with an expert roofing company like Roof Corp will make your life much easier, as the stress of working with your insurance company will be lifted and you will also have the added benefit of getting to work with a company given an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. This kind of quality workmanship will make your roofing experience much less painful. In addition, getting creative with your roof design makes the whole process much more exciting! While it is certainly true that you will have a some limitations in this roofing design because your roof has already been created, there are still some great additions you can make! For example, working with a different kind of shingle can add character and charm to a roof remodel. The biggest current trend in roofing today, however, is arched roofs and curved roofs. This adds a new kind of character to a roof and can give you a great new look if you are in the midst of a roof remodel or starting build a new home from scratch!

Arched roofs in particular have been coming into a new and positive light in the building community. For one, these roofs are architecturally appealing as they create angles that are different from the most common roof shapes. When thinking about creating a new roof, bearing creativity in mind can really help your roof design to flourish. The curve and the arch of a roof is a great way to build a new look into the building design, creating flow and art without making too big of a splash. There are also easy ways to enhance this look or create the impression that there is more of an arch or curve than there actually is simply by using the right kinds of shingles. When you add texture or color through a different kind of roofing material, you will find more and more that your roof is taking on a more interesting and more appealing look and feel. Best of all, you are not limited to any one kind of shingle when you are working with a curved roof; any kind will work! You can also create different textures and look by adding a roof edging or gutter option. These are particularly great when you want to enhance the edge of your roof and accentuate the curve there.

With these new trends on the rise, it is easier than ever to make your roof more appealing and more exciting to look at. New roofing trends are in, take advantage of them during your remodel!


6 Things to Consider When Remodeling your Roof

Do you experience that haunting drips in your house from a leaky roof? Do you want a new look for your house? Would you like to add a new twist in your house with a new attic? Creating structural changes in your house is always fun. It’s like putting a new extra flavour to the appearance of your home. The roof is one of the features in the house that makes the first impression. Changing it gives a whole new look and feel.  Here are some quick tips to remember in remodelling the roof of your house.

Residential Roofers

roof remodelling

1.        Appearance is key

When considering the remodel of your roof, prioritize the look and style in choosing residential roofing. The roof is one of the main façade of your house. It’s one of the main features that is first seen from the outside. Make sure that the appearance fits you and is attuned to your preference. And of course, you have to be certain that it will look good.

2.       Know what you want, examine your roof

Carefully look at your house’s roof before you begin remodeling. Make sure that you already know what changes you want to implement in the remodeling, so the roof repair or remodeling would already be a breeze. Check your roof from all angles. Check the cracks, the missing shingles.

3.       Ask a LOT of questions

Make sure that you talk with your residential roofers before and during the remodeling. Lay out your preferences and how you want the job to be done, to avoid misunderstanding. Also, residential roofers, like the Campbell Beard Roofing which is one of the most trusted roofers of homes throughout Colorado, are very knowledgeable on their field, so they can easily complement the best services suited for your preference.

4.       Take a picture

Document the progress of your remodeling, so you can easily monitor the changes. Take a photograph of your roof before and during the remodeling. This will allow you to visualize the preferences you have in mind. Literally, you can immediately get a clear picture of the remodeling progress of your roof repairers.

5.       Write your plan

Make a detailed checklist of the type of materials, design, and roofing. This will enable you to organize your ideas better, and you won’t miss out on anything. Also, you can easily deliver your checklist to your residential roofer, and you will know what other materials need to be use and the scope of work to be done.  The process of remodeling and your coordination with the roofer will be more organized and clear if you write it all down.

6.       Put a vent on it

If you put attic ventilation in your roof, you can be guaranteed that your roof will last longer and will be more functional. Make sure that you check the local code so you can readily plan before you begin the remodeling. The local code for attic may vary per region.


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Roof Repair Is An Important Thing

It’s not hard to explain some things, and that’s good news for someone like myself who seems to have a hard time explaining even very simple concepts. Luckily, the reasons why one would need or want a roof over their heads, are really easy to see and expand upon. Thousands of roofing contractors exist in this country because hey, let’s face it, there are a lot of homes, apartments, buildings and business that quite frankly, need them. Imagine working and living within four walls without a roof over your head, that might be really nice on a few days out of the year but otherwise, it would be an absolute disaster, so I say: Thank heaven for roofing contractors. Also, thank heaven for roofing repair. Roofs are obviously exposed to the elements and therefor, they’re going to get beat up and break down over the years. Depending on the kind of shingles or material used on the roof, it may need to be replaced over 20-40 or 50 years. roof repairThe joys of home ownership will eventually teach you that owning a home and properly maintaining it, isn’t exactly cheap. But, by no means, does that mean that every dime you spend isn’t completely worth it. Owning a home is probably the biggest and most important investment that you’ll ever make, so like any investment, it needs to be protected if you want to get everything out of it that you can. A lot of people’s entire retirement plan rests in their homes and their ability to sell them for a massive profit after they’ve lived in it for years and not only maintained it, but also improved it during the time that they owned it. It might not be the best plan in the world, however, those who are counting on it have usually gotten an appraisal and know approximately what it’s going to bring in.

You get what you pay for, whether you’re buying a pair of shorts or a home. And, a home that you may be considering buying that is in need of roofing repair, can aid you in justifiably making an offer that is less than it would be otherwise. That’s because it’s money that you’re going to need to spend at some point since you’re the one who’ll be living in the house. Any damage or something that is in need of repair is grounds for making a less significant offer, if those things weren’t taken into consideration during the appraisal. You’d like to think that every appraiser does the same, consistent job but like most things in life, subjectivity is going to get in the way of objectivity too often. We all have different opinions about things and no matter how much we talk about and debate them, we can still have differing opinions. That’s totally fine though, if we all were the same then this world would be a boring place and every roof would look the same. So, who really wants that? Diversity in all of it’s forms are what make this a beautiful place, let’s celebrate it, starting with roof repair.


We enjoy a lot of great advantages here in the rocky state. Just one hour from the city’s center, you find some of the most beautiful mountains in the United States. Denver is home to some of the finest schools in the region and some of the best universities there any where around. The number of first class restraints in the city is amazing and every year that passes the city’s reputation is growing for being an epicenter of culinary excellence.  Then you have the weather; we enjoy more sunny days than both Florida and California. It is safe to say that city of Denver is at a world level, an incredible city. If all of these things are not enough, there is one more reason to thank the angels you live in Denver; Denver roofing. When the situation arises, and you need to call in the professionals to have your roofing issues taken care of, you are living in a great city. The roofing companies in the city are among the best in the entire country. They bring a level of excellence to roofing that is enough to make our city proud. You know that when you call a Denver roofing contractor, you know you are calling a group of individuals that know just how to serve their community when it comes to roof repairs. I know that last year, after the big snow storm, I needed some heavy work done on my own roof. Let me tell you, it was almost a pleasure. When those boys showed up on time and well dressed, I knew I was living among the best roofers in the world. I sat and had a cup of coffee while they worked and in no time they were finished. The job they had done was so incredible that I was glad my roof had taken a fall. My heart filled with pride at an all American, well done job. I said to myself that if I need roof work done, well, I am in the best place for it. If you like in Kansas City and you need the local roof corp. to come out and fix up your place; you might be subject to a less than pleasurable experience. I have a friend who lives out there and he told me that fixing his roof was one of the worst experiences he had ever gone through in his life. The workers showed up late and they had an attitude that would make a Billy Goat’s hair stand up. Not only was the service displeasure, the work was done shabbily and after only six months, my friend had to call and ask the roofers to come back out and patch up the same area of the roof. It is true that Denver is a great city for so many reasons but one of the best reasons to live here is the best part of this already great quality of life we enjoy in Denver.

If You are Concerned About Your Roof, You should Contact J&K Roofing in Golden, Colorado.

roofingIf you do not take care of your roof, it will probably deteriorate pretty quickly.  This is because your roof takes on a lot of damage, so the rest of your home does not have to.  Because it is always exposed to damaging winds, rain, snow, hail, and various other hazards, your roof probably needs to be repaired more often than you think.  Of course, the better your roofing installation was, the less likely you are to have to repair your roof.  Still, if it has been awhile since anyone has looked closely at your roof, you are probably due for an inspection.  Roofing inspections do not take much time, but they tell you a lot of important information about the condition of your roof.  If you are concerned about your roof, you should contact J&K Roofing in Golden, Colorado.  They employ only the most well-trained and experienced roofers, and their service is utterly unbeatable.

As you should already know, there are a lot of consequences to having a damaged or poorly installed roof, beyond just the damage to the roof, itself.  Probably the most well-known of these problems is roof leakage, which is something most people have to deal with, at some point.  Leaky roofs can pose a pretty severe threat to many components of your home’s interior, and you need to act quickly, so all of those components do not begin to deteriorate.  Once water begins to drip from your ceiling, your leak is probably somewhat severe.  This means that you need to call a good roofing company, like J&K Roofing, immediately.  Simply sealing the crack in your ceiling is not good enough, as you are only putting a small bandage over a rather serious problem.  In order to know, for sure, what must be done you need to have professional roofers scour your roof for the source of the damage.  That way they can fix the issue, before it causes any more damage.

Because leaks are so bad, it is best to avoid them altogether, and the only way to do that is to get your roof inspected frequently enough that they do not have a chance to fully develop.  After all, most leaks start out as relatively minor roof damage, but they progress over time, if they are not discovered.  By getting your regular roofing inspections, you can, hopefully, catch any damage before it has the chance to progress into a serious problem.  If you do get an inspection, and the inspection does reveal that your roof is damaged, you are then faced with the decision of what to do.  You can get it repaired, you can get your roofing replaced, or you can ignore the problem, which is utterly foolish.  In terms of getting it repaired or replaced, the best course of action depends entirely on the exact circumstances.  That being said, a surprising amount of time, having the roofing contractors replace the roofing entirely is smarter and even more cost-effective than trying to have one specific portion of your roof repaired.

Staying on Top of Roofing Repairs

It always seems to happen that right in the middle of the most severe weather, you realize that your roof has some damage. Roofing repairs can definitely be daunting when you’ve never had to deal with them before, and they can be downright brutal to address when you’re right in the middle of a storm when they happen. Luckily there are sources to help you find the right contractor for the job when you find yourself in a jam.
The need for roofing repair can also mean a variety of things, so it’s important to get the right diagnostic inspections done to ensure that no problems are overlooked, and the right ones are being addressed. Professional crews should be easily able to find the source of the leak or other damage and get it repaired quickly so that it doesn’t end up raining in your living room.
Ice can become a large problem and it is something that is often overlooked. In the middle of winter, heat can rise through your attic to reach the roof deck and this can form problematic ice dams. This heat that rises can melt snow that’s on the roof but it doesn’t reach the edges of the roof that are exposed to more cold. Melting snow from a heated roof then runs down towards the still frozen eaves and quickly forms ice dams along the edges, and this can put a great deal of strain on the eaves as well as lead to significant water damage. When ice is blocked the drainage rout for all of the snow on the roof, water will start pooling elsewhere inside your roof. The solution to this problem involves several steps, but the good news is that it is usually covered by insurance companies. When this kind of problem is first noticed, however, your insurance company is not the first call to make. Instead, have a licensed roofer and general contractor first inspect and assess the damage so that you know that you have damage worthy of a claim, and exactly what to report in your claim.
RoofingPoor maintenance in general and over time is also a large contributor to roof damage. If you find yourself to be the new owner of an older home, a roof inspection should be a top priority before you move in. Your roof may be especially susceptible to damage if it has little or no slope, as water and debris can collect and create problems quickly. Wind and hail can also play a large part in the health of your roof. Wind storms that may not feel strong enough to cause damage can loosen shingles and nails over time, which builds up to significant problems later on.
Overall, a good rule to follow would be to schedule regular maintenance checks on your roof, whether new or old. Roofing repairs are vital and can be more costly the longer they are left alone, and having a leaky roof is definitely something that we all want to avoid!

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It can be hard to find a good roofing contractor.

I recently need to have my roof repaired after a storm caused some damage to my home. I was anxious to find a contractor that I felt I could trust after having heard so many horror stories from friends about contractors going way over schedule and way over budget. I did some research and read a lot of customer reviews on various local roofing websites. I asked around to some of my friends and neighbors to see if they had worked with any companies that they would recommend. One of my neighbors said that he had had a great experience working with Academy Roofing. Academy Roofing has been providing roofing and gutter services to residential and commercial clients in the Front Range area for more than thirty years. I looked on their website and read many other positive testimonials from past customers of theirs. When I called to make an appointment for an estimate I was immediately impressed by the customer service.

roofingI hired Academy Roofing to repair my roof and was very pleased with my decision. The contractor worked with me to ensure that the project would stay on schedule and on budget. The contractor involved me in any decisions that were made throughout the process and was able to explain things to me in a way that made sense. The roofers that fixed my roof worked quickly and professionally and I was very pleased with their service. I felt that I received individualized attention throughout the process of the project, from the time I made my initial call until the project was completed. Once the roof had been repaired I was very happy with the results and felt confident that they roofers had done a good job.

I was very pleased with my overall experience working with Academy Roofing. I feel that it can be hard to find reliable contractors these days and that many companies lack in quality customer service. I felt that the roofers from Academy Roofing took pride in their work and took good care to do a good job. I would be confident to recommend Academy Roofing to any of my friends or neighbors who are in need of roof repair or replacement. I recently attended a wedding in the mountains of Colorado. The reception was held in a lovely log cabin style ranch that had beautiful natural wood interior and a great fireplace. Right as the ceremony ended it started to pour down rain. Luckily the reception was indoors and we were able to stay dry. However, a couple of minutes in to the storm the roof started leaking in multiple places causing water to drip all over the floor. The employees of the venue pulled over garbage cans to catch the falling water and we had to move a couple of things around so that they wouldn’t get wet. Later on in the night I found the owner of the venue and suggested that she call Academy Roofing to have her rood repaired.

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Roof repair is no joke; find a roofing company you can trust!

http://www.hj-roofing.comWhen it comes time to replace your roof, you know that you need to have someone working with you who knows about roofing and knows the very best ways to help you find the help that you need. Replacing or repairing your roof are frustrating and expensive tasks, and you need to have a roofing repair company at your side who will make certain that you are taken care of in every way. After all, your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your life time. Do not let it all be harmed when you experience an accident of some kind and end up with a damaged roof. You do not want to be stuck living with damage to your roof; make a good decision and find a roofing company who will help you make the best decisions for you and help you get your roof back into shape!

When choosing someone to do roof repair of any kind, you want to keep a few important things in mind. First, your roofing repair company should be a company you can trust. After all, this is an expensive project to take care of and you want to be one hundred percent certain that you will be treated fairly and given the best opportunity to fix your roof for the lowest possible cost to you. For this reason, you need to find a local roofing company. Local roofers are the best choice because they know the place that you live in. The understand the local area’s climate and weather patterns and armed with this knowledge they will be better prepared to give you advice that is not only specific to your region, but specific to your town. Some roofers are like traveling salesmen. They move from town to town, following hurricane, tornado, and general wind damage and clean up the wake of natural climate patterns. The problem with roofers like this is that their main goal is to make money off of your tragedy. Do not let these people take advantage of you. Arm yourself by choosing a local company that has been in the business for long enough to ensure that they will help you make the best possible decisions. You also want to be certain that your roofing contractor has the expert knowledge you need to make sure that your roof will not only be repaired but also restored to its former glory. This is particularly important if the roof on your house is of an unusual or rarely used roofing material. Most contractors rarely use metal and cedar roofing, for example. If your roof is made out of either of these materials, then you need to be certain that the contractor you are selecting is able to work with those materials. You also need to be certain that if the roofer does not perform their job the way that you hoped that they would that you will be able to get a refund on your investment.

Does your roofing need repair or replacing?

Assessing the damage to a home’s roofing after a storm or other event has big implications on the follow up steps necessary. A roof in good condition initially might only be slightly phased by hail damage during a storm, but there are also more obvious cases such as a tree falling down on a roof that requires complete roof repairs or even a replacement altogether. Even roofs that look like they have weathered severe storms can have long lasting damage that is not as obvious visually as other types of damage. Whether this is your first season in a new home or your twentieth, the increase in strong weather patterns throughout the United States leads this author to believe that regular roof checks are becoming more and more necessary.

Deciding whether it is simply a roof repair job or a complete replacement almost always requires the assistance of professional roofers. There is a lot to consider, and almost none of it is visible to the untrained eye. If it is physically leaking or has actually separated from itself, then the average homeowner knows immediately they need assistance. But less visible cracks or other damage can lead to worse conditions if not handled immediately, so recognizing that severe weather in general should prompt a roof inspection is an important value when owning a home. Making sure you have professional roofers available when you need them can save you time, money, and a lot of hassle. If something goes wrong with your roof, you do not want to spend weeks trying to vet the right roofers to help you out; nor do you want to spend a small fortune on the first good roofing contractor that comes your way.

Roof repairs and maintenance ultimately will cost you less money over the long run than letting a roof go for any period of time without taking care of it. Having it checked before and after extreme weather seasons can help detect any flaws that might need to be taken care of before severe weather hits, or repair any flaws caused by severe weather. Making sure you are aware of all of your options as a homeowner is important and can help save you a lot of money over the years. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover some of the cost of a roof replacement but irooferst can also depend on the reason the roof needs replacing. If it is obvious that your negligence over the years led to the roof being destroyed, your insurance company is going to be much less likely to work with you on it.

Taking care of a home can be a big endeavor but there are lots of little steps that can be taken along the way to make it easier on yourself in the long run. Things like regular roof checks can help a homeowner catch problems when they are small and have not escalated into bigger, more expensive damage. Schedule your inspection today for your peace of mind.


The highest quality residential roofing

roof repair

Later today after I get up on the roof and take some pictures for the insurance company I will post the damage done by the hailstorm last night so you can compare your damage to mine. It’s always nice to know where your insurance claim lies relative to other people see you can gauge how quickly will be processed and how much of it will be covered. I learn this through experience after living through several storms out here as each one can be quite intense and can dramatically alter the look and stability of your roof. Of course, I can’t endorse the idea of getting up on your roof to take pictures because this is inherently dangerous so only do this if you feel confident in your ability and your equipment. For many of you my recommendation would be to get on the phone right now and to call Campbell Beard roofing. This is a residential roof repair company in the Denver metro area that is been serving citizens of this great state since 1995. Among roof repair companies, Campbell Beard roofing has earned a reputation of excellence for going above and beyond the call each and every time. I have personally use this company three or four times now and it has not all been for roof damage repair. Actually, last year I call this roofing company to help me put asphalt shingles on the roof of a shed I built. I would have done it myself but back then I broke my arm right as the shed construction was complete but before the shingles went on. If I hadn’t broke my arm I would’ve gladly went down to the hardware store to do it myself.

The main reason why I endorse this company over others that are similar in the area is because of the way they treat their customers. To highlight this point I will be discussing some specific examples of how they not only provided us with the quality roof repair and the best materials on the market, but they also helped guide us through a stressful and emotional time. Their confidence and expertise in their ability to restore our home quickly is what helped keep our spirits up during a time when we would otherwise have felt hopeless. For this, I can’t think Campbell. Roofing enough. I’ve sent them thank you letters and the gift basket to show our immense appreciation but I figure the coming online to endorse their business would be another thing I could do to help them out. So, after reading this article I expect all of you readers out there who need a residential roofing company to call Campbell Bierk roofing.
First, Campbell Beard roofing will always keep their installation dates and times. They know that when you’re trying to clean up from the mass of a hailstorm that every minute and every second counts and you cannot sit around waiting for the presidential roof repair company to come bail you out. The same goes for any of you businesses out there because Campbell Beard Roofing is one of the top commercial roofers in the area as well.

Roof repair can save your basement

Did you ever think that having issues with your roofing might be affecting the condition of the basement of your home?  That idea had never crossed my mind at all until damage to my house’s roof wound up costing me a lot to fix my foundation.

I will admit that I am a procrastinator.  I knew that the shingles at the back corner of my house had been damaged some in a storm that we had had.  I got off easier than my neighbor – one of his trees came down and smashed up his car pretty well, and I figured that since I didn’t have damage that was obviously doing anything that I could just ignore it and keep on with life as normal.  Well, I was wrong on that count.  The damage to the roof was such that while it did not let any water into the house it had separated the gutter from the roof by an inch or so.  That meant that the water drainage coming off of that side of the house did not go properly into the downspout and thus was not fed off down the yard to the drainage field.  This caused a lot of the water to pool up around the house, eventually making a little muddy pit right at the corner of the building.  At first I didn’t really notice it, while it was just small.  I don’t spend a heck of a lot of time out back anyway, so it was probably doing it for quite a while before it registered on my radar.  Once I did notice it – and this is definitely my fault – I kind of intentionally ignored it because I did not want to get involved in the cost or labor involved in doing roof repair.

Now I am regretting all of it.  With the storm that hit last week, we got a good bit more water than we usually do.  That is when my basement – dry as the Sahara for as long as I’ve owned it – started to leak.  It’s an older house, and the foundation was done with field stone and cement.  It’s cozy down there, and to be honest I like the look of the stone walls – it feels like a room in a castle.  However, the standing water that I had left at the corner of the house for so long had finally worked through and started to rot away the old cement between the stones of my basement walls!  I have a buddy who is a contractor, and I called him over right away to confirm that my worst suspicions were true.














So now, instead of having a quick and easy fix at the top of my house, I have a crew coming in to shore up the mess that I’ve made out of my basement wall – before it becomes such an issue that I have half of my house falling in on me.  And as soon as they leave, the roofers are coming by!

Why I Rely on Roofing Companies to Take Care of My Roof

Growing up, my father insisted on doing everything relating to home care on his own.  Each spring, after a winter of big winter storms off of the coast of California, we would get to work on home repair projects.  He would clean the gutters, remove any debris from the roof, we would repair the porch, landscape the garden, sometimes take on a home improvement project like re-tiling the bathroom, or putting new carpet in the house.  Even when it came to electronics, he was always determined to do it without help.  What we didn’t know, is that the minor leaks that had sprouted up over the years, were part of a large and growing problem.  After one winter, we noticed more and more areas of the roof leaking. “No problem,” my dad would say, as he added once again repaired the roof and moved on to the next problem.  Little did we know, the years of leaking and our attempts at quick repairs, were holding the larger problem at bay- the roof was beginning to rot in many places.  During a huge windstorm one night, a tree from our yard fell and a branch came down on the roof, causing a huge hole where it hit. We were all instantly awoken by the noise, and rushed to the living room to see sheets of water streaming down onto our couch.  It was immediately apparently apparent that this was not a problem we could patch up on our own.

The next day, we called a local roofing company.  They told us that this problem could have been avoided had we called them in sooner to address the problem while it was still small.  Now, we not only had a huge hole in our living room, but mold had grown in many parts of the roof due to the years of leaking.  Unfortunately for us, our years of fixing the house on our own to save money backfired, and we had to pay to replace our entire roof.  Since then, my parents have been much more conscious of calling in the experts when they suspect that a problem with their home can be part of a larger issue.

Now that I no longer live with my parents and have a house of my own, I rely on reliable roofers to help me when I have a problem with my roof.  Recently, I had a small leak, which it turns out was caused by a satellite dish that was hastily removed, leaving some holes in the roof.  I called my roofing company, and they had someone out right away to diagnose my problem and fix it properly so I didn’t have to worry about that spot leaking in the future.

Take it from someone who has experienced the worst-case scenario.  It’s always best to have a roofing contractor who can help you take care of your roof, address any problems as they come up, and help you to avoid a roofing crisis.

You will need a good roofing company after a tornado damages your neighborhood.

When I was little we grew up in the middle of what had been dubbed Tornado Alley. We roof repairnever actually had a tornado touch down around any of houses, though in 1979 my dad lived through a massive F5 tornado that was a mile wide at the base. Our town is extremely well known for that horrific act. There were entire neighborhoods that were demolished. For the lack of technology at that time and the severity of the storm, a lot of people were able to make it to safety but still lives were lost. My father was a lawyer at the time, my mother didn’t live there yet though she was going to move there that July. This tornado happened in April.

Before my dad was a lawyer, he was a DJ for a local radio station. There was only one diesel powered radio station in the city and they were doing live coverage and updates on the wreckage of the city. The other radio stations were shut down because they were run on electricity and there was no electricity in the town at that time. So they called my father in and asked if he would help take turns giving on air updates of what was happening in the city. He of course obliged to help them out.

One of the first things he did was went on a ride with some of the other DJs around town to assess the damage to let people know what was going on. My father had lived in that town for twenty-seven years and he told me once that it was entirely unrecognizable. He said in some places you could see neighborhoods that were completely intact that would only need slight roof repair and then the other side of the street would be completely gone. He told me that there were cars that were flipped upside and even more eerily there were cars that were way up in trees. When it was getting dark they drove past the mall parking lot which was in direct path of the twister and they were spooked because all of you could see was the interior light of several vehicles that had been flipped over or rattle until the doors opened up. He said it was one of the spookiest things he had ever seen.

As for the mall itself, they had to completely shut it down. In some places they had to completely rebuild and you can still see the different colors tiles to this day. In other places they were able to just call in some roofers to fix up some of the minor damage. It was a very scary time for the entire town. Having lived there for as many years as I did, I can not imagine what it was like. He said it was silent. The only noise was helicopters flying over the city. He said there was one space where a bank used to be and all was left was the vault. All the roofing companies and other construction companies were totally booked for weeks and weeks.

Replacing Your Roofing is Inexpensive, and It is Something that should be Done Fairly Frequently.

roofingYou need to protect your roof, if you want your home to last.  After all, your roof is one of the main things protecting the interior of your home from serious damage.  Of course, because it is a protective layer, roofs do experience more damage than most other surfaces that make up your home.  Luckily, replacing your roofing is inexpensive, and it is something that should be done fairly frequently.  You will have no way of knowing the condition of your roof, though, if you do not get regular roof inspections.  Roof inspections are the equivalent of a routine check-up.  There is a good chance there is nothing wrong with your roof, but there is also a chance there is a problem.  Much like with health issues, if there is a problem, it is always better to know about it right away, so you can deal with it before it gets worse.

Anyone who owns a home should have a good roofing company that they can rely on for inspections and repairs.  Even if your roof does not have an visible leaks, you still need to get it inspected at least once a year, to determine if there is any damage that you are not seeing.  For the most part, a lot of homeowners do not spend much time on their roofs.  Even if they do, they need to know what to look for, in order to perform an in-depth inspection.  It is better to not run this risk and have a professional roofing company handle you roof inspections.  There are a lot of advantages to allowing roofing professionals inspect your roof every year.  First of all, they do not cost much, if any, money, and they can be completed within half an hour.  Plus, they do not inconvenience you at all.  Of course, in addition to being convenient, they also provide you with valuable information about your roof, which can end up saving you thousands of dollars, in the long run.

If it were not for roofing inspections, you may not notice that you had a problem with your roof, until water began to leak or you started noticing sagging in your ceiling.  By the time these symptoms are present, though, you may be dealign with quite a bit of damage.  Leaks usually start out fairly small, and, in many cases, they do not affect your ceiling, at all, for quite awhile.  By the time water drips through your ceiling, it may have been dripping through your roof for some time.  Inspections can not only identify current leaks, they can even reveal potential leaks.  The roofers vigilantly scour your roof for any sign of damage that would cause your roof to not be watertight.  Watertightness is perhaps the biggest thing you need out of your roof.  If it is not able to keep the water out, it is not doing its job.  Of course, as long as you keep up with your inspections, you should be able to avoid a severe leak.